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logo_en Introduction
GDEA (Gabric Diabetes Education Association) is an Iranian NGO founded in 2006 by key endocrinologists, benefactors, and motivated type 1 diabetics. GDEA’s mission is to improve the lives of people with diabetes and to promote primary, secondary and tertiary diabetes prevention via education, raising awareness, and building motivation. Most of the staff are well-controlled diabetic patients who provide peer consultation and motivation for others. Providing a comprehensive model of diabetes school for education, Gabric fosters diabetes self management education through standard education and peer counseling. Gabric’s outstanding educational model was selected as the best practice of diabetes education in the Middle East and North Africa in 2010. The name Gabric is borrowed from a river in Southern Iran.


logo_en Activities

  • As a diabetes school, Gabric provides different target groups with more than 15 distinct educational programs, as well as advanced counseling through well-controled diabetic peers
  • All members are welcome to benefit from standard peer counseling, provided free of charge
  • The formation and organization of the Donors Club which supports GDEA based on their financial capabilities and expertise; and Ambassadors Club, comprised of volunteers who cooperate with the organization to raise diabetes awareness across the country
  • Regular conferences, seminars, training programs and campaigns in cooperation with the municipality and MOH in order to raise diabetes awareness in medical communities and in public
  • An innovative series of diabetes educational programs for children (aged 7-12) called Keepo Adventures
  • Insulin My Friend, a creative educational campaign targeting different aspects of type 1 diabetes, carried out by professional diabetes educators nationwide
  • A complete assortment of books, booklets and newsletters covering a variety of diabetes related topics aimed at diabetic patients and professionals
  • Launching www.gabric.ir as the most comprehensive diabetes information website in  Persian language


logo_en Key Notes

Gabric Diabetes Education Association (GDEA):

  • Has currently more than 85,000 members
  • Covers its costs via donation, corporate sponsorship and membership  fees
  • Provides all services free of charge for children younger than 12
  • Gifts special physiological support, motivation, and unique educational program to children and their parents 
  • Recruits and trains type 1 diabetics as employees
  • Performs activities which are complementary to physicians’ treatment, and in this way helps to promote better diabetes control
  • Highlights 10 organizational values in the view of a five year strategic plan

logo_en Gabric Diabetes Self-Management Education

slideAs a comprehensive Diabetes School, Gabric provides diabetes self-management education (Gabric DSME) with 3 distinct features including collective education, patient-specific education path and experiential learning. Advanced learning techniques such as experiential learning and problem-based learning compile the core educational basis for Gabric DSME, intended to promote and facilitate behavior change.
Since any diabetic patient requires education in four fields of motivation, skills, knowledge and behavior change, Gabric DSME is designed in two complementary parts: Education through peers  and through diabetes educators.
Diabetes education is delivered through standard courses, based on most updated and trusted references and protocols, instructed by experienced diabetes educators. These components are complementary in that they address both educational and motivational needs for controlling diabetes.
Gabric’s diabetes education model is essentially a self-management education program categorized into 16 distinct topics, addressing 7 major target groups e.g. diabetic patients, healthcare professionals, etc. Gabric’s education is delivered through a model of “Diabetes School” with elementary, intermediate, advanced and complementary levels. A distinct “Special” level is also defined which includes national programs as well as HCP training courses.


logo_en Gabric Diabetes Peer Counselling Services

Gabric diabetes counseling room was established in summer 2011. Services are provided by well-educated diabetic peer counselors who aid diabetic patients with thorough empathy and motivation. Fundemental diabetes control requisites such as diabetes knowledge, skills and motivation are emphasized particularly as key implements towards behavior change. Some of these activities are listed below:
1. Counseling service for new members.
2. Skill training including correct insulin injection practice and monitoring blood glucose.
3. Practice workshops to teach proper injection of insulin and instructing correct use of glucometer to children with diabetes.
4. Q&A and analysis of fluctuation of sugar values trend for diabetic clients.
5. Encouraging hesitated patients advised by their physicians to use insulin.
6. Counseling to newly diagnosed adolescents and parents of children to accept the disease.                  



Blue Ribbon

Public awareness and diabetes education are considered as an active process in Gabric Diabetes Education Association. Both management team and staff always pay special attention to this peculiarity.  Awareness and education are not considered complete, unless they result in behavior change.
The campaign is consisted of two main components including a message which is focused on community awareness and a promise set to result in behavior change. These components are changed with new themes in every individual round of campaign. The first official round of the campaign was celebrated as a public awareness one during the National Diabetes week held on the occasion of WDD on Nov. 18th - 24th 2013.
In ancient Persia, tying a knot was a symbol of remembrance; hence we chose this figure as the gesture for making the promises in the Blue Ribbon campaign.
The first sequence of this campaign was run with a prevention theme, stating 3 promises:

  •      Tomorrow I’ll have fruits instead of sweets
  •      Tomorrow I’ll take a 30 minute walk
  •      I’ll bring someone I love to the Blue Ribbon


Keepo is a diabetes educational cartoon character with an Iranian name which means butterfly. Specifically designed to fulfill the educational needs of diabetic children, Keepo has type 1 diabetes and has arrived from Sugarland (an imaginary planet), and is planning to manage its diabetes by attending classes at Gabric. Keepo as a diabetic arises empathy of children welcoming it as an intimate friend. This acceptance is used to convey the simple scientific concepts of diabetes self-management and eases the pain of confronting their disease through the adventures of this unique character in Keepo Adventures classes. The antennas of Keepo indirectly represent the body organs and inappropriate glucose management leads to bending and elimination of the antennas.



Insulin My Friend is a national campaign led by GDEA targeting type 1 diabetics and Health Care Professionals throughout the country, specially deprived areas. The main objectives are raising awareness, buil

ding motivation and teaching self-management skills to young patients and promoting necessary skills in HCPs who work as diabetes educator to promote awareness and patient education.
IMF is held with the aim of uniting diabetes-related parties such as physicians, local diabetes associations, medical universities, corporate sponsors and donors.



logo_en Contact info:
Address: No. 4, 16th St., Khaled Eslamboli (Vozara) Ave., Argentina Sq., Tehran, 1511767111, Iran.
Tel: +98-21-82433